Week 7

Dear Little Baby K,

(If I look rough, it’s because I feel rough 😉 )

Okay let’s cut to the chase. I’m behind. Like a week and a few days behind. But guess what? I’m pregnant. And boyyyy do I feel like it now. I’ve never been this sick in my life! My day goes like this : Barf. Sleep. cry. Lay around. Repeat. My house looks like an episode of hoarders because I can’t make myself get up and clean. BUT I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Strangely enough, feeling like this shows that you’re just as healthy as you can be!
So, ready for your big debut?




TADAAA!! There you are! Tiny little bity you. And there’s only one of you! Which I wasn’t really sure. That little white thing up top is called your yolk sack, and that does the feeding for you until the placenta starts doing its job, which isn’t too far from now.  She said you were about 9mm here, and that it takes 25 mm to make an inch. So in otherwords, you’re tiny 😀
I got lucky and got an early ultrasound to make sure you were in the right place (and you are). I also got to sign lots of papers, learn about the doctor timeline, and, of course, get my blood drawn. Here’s the story on that… I thought I was over passing out when I got my blood drawn. I got it drawn 3x in a week, and was just absolutely fine. The same woman took my blood this time, so I thought I would be juuust fine. Well, since she was taking so much *more* this time, take a wild guess what happened. Everything went black and fuzzy. I heard her yell out for help, and I opened my eyes to see 5 people standing around me fanning me. Fun times. They moved me to a bed, and about 10 minutes later I was back on earth. HA!

But, other than that, everything went stupendous, and we get to see you again in 2.5 weeks, to make sure I’m as far along as I think I am 🙂 I’m excited.
I hope you’re doing well in there, little one. You’re the size of a blueberry this week!

yep, that’s a blueberry in my fingers!