3 Weeks

Dear Little Baby K,
Hello, little zygote 🙂 You have no clue how much we have prayed for you! Not a lot of people know about your tiny little existance yet, because we want to make sure you are safe and sound inside of me. I just told your daddy! He was soooo very excited. He wanted you very badly, as well.  He’s alllll the way across the world with work. He’s a soldier, so he keeps you, me, and your big brother safe. I called the doctor this morning, and I hopefully get a formal meeting with you on October 3rd. That’s a whole 3 weeks and 2 days away! By then, we should be able to tell if you’re where you should be, and behaving correctly 🙂 I am doing everything in my power to keep you safe and sound. You’re already starting to make me a little sick, but that was expected. Other than crying (very often) I’m actually in a really great mood!

Here are this weeks facts about you :
You’re about as big as a poppyseed. That’s very tiny.
Right now, you’re not really that formed. You’re a bunch of cells dividing and multiplying and adding and subtracting and a bunch of math and biology terms that you will learn later in high school. You’re actually called a blastocyst, whatever that means. I won’t call you that, though. It doesn’t sound very nice.

There’s really not much more to say right now, because you are so very new, but we love you just the same 🙂

No, that little bump that is there is not from you already, you’re not big enough to give me any padding yet 😉 that, my love, was from your big brother over 4 whole years ago! (That’s a long time, isn’t it?)

it’s a little hard to see, but that was my first clue at your existence! It’s about as light as it can be, but it’s there! This was taken 9/7/12

this one I took the next day. Still really hard to see, and I was still a bit doubtful. I waited until the next day when…

I took out all of the guessing with this test. This was the first time I was 100% positive you were truly going to be mine 🙂

I also have a video to upload at a later date, of when your daddy found out about you, but if I upload it to youtube, everyone will find out and our secret will not be a secret anymore. So, I will show you later.

Love you already ❤


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