Week 5

Dear Little Baby K,

Do you see that? In between my fingers? That’s an apple seed. Guess what? That’s how big you are! Crazy, no? It’s been a pretty busy week. I had my blood drawn three times in the last week! And your mama absolutely hates needles. But I just wanted to check on you and make sure everything was okay. See, there’s this thing called HCG, that girl’s bodies make when they’re pregnant. Every couple of days or so, those levels are supposed to double. Welll, mine almost quadrupled! I can’t believe it! I do still have to wait almost 2 whole weeks before I see you on the screen or hear your heartbeat, but I’m being as patient as I can. You’ve got me feeling very tired and very sick, still, but that will probably stick around a while.

About you : You’re about the size of an apple seed, around 2mm long! That’s not very long. All your organs are starting to form, and your heart is even beating! That’s a big step. I should be able to see it, if not hear it at my appointment.


Let me add a disclaimer… I promise, mommy has more than one outfit, she just wants her pictures to be in the same outfit every week, so it’s a little more obvious how I’m changing and growing

Now, watch those toes disappear! (along with the horrible paint job)


Week 4

Dear Little Baby K,

Oh dear, sweet nectar, perfect for morning sickness all day sickness

Why, hello there! We’re a whole month along now, so only 8 more to go! That’s pretty exciting, no? You’re still not quite formed or recognizable yet, but you’re sure letting me know you’re there. Are you a boy? Chocolate is just simply disgusting now. All I want is meat and cheese and bread. That sounds like a boy’s diet to me. But then again, could you be a girl? Because I cry like one. There’s also a big need to sleep a lot. I think so far this week I have fallen asleep randomly once or twice. Once was while doing laundry. Continue reading

3 Weeks

Dear Little Baby K,
Hello, little zygote 🙂 You have no clue how much we have prayed for you! Not a lot of people know about your tiny little existance yet, because we want to make sure you are safe and sound inside of me. I just told your daddy! He was soooo very excited. He wanted you very badly, as well.  Continue reading